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Our farm is situated at 680 meters above sea level surrounded by well-maintained woods and meadows within the Hohe Tauern National Park. On the farm we specialize in breeding and raising the local Pinzgauer cattle and organic chickens. 


We’ve been farming organically for more than 25 years and we made that decision because of our commitment to working within nature’s natural rhythm, caring for animal welfare and maintaining the highest standards for a sustainable environment; we don’t use chemicals or pesticides and only treat with natural remedies.


We have 4 holiday lets on our farm, surrounded by green meadows and fruit orchards, and our guests can enjoy plenty of space, in which to relax, play and immerse themselves in the beautiful natural world. In the garden there is an adventure playground for children of all ages, with a huge sandpit, a wooden tower with slide, swings, a trampoline, a slack line, as well as scooters, bikes and miniature tractors. Water comes from our own well.


There are ample comfortable seating and lounging areas in the garden with places to make a barbecue and there is a special campfire area to sit around and enjoy the long evenings.

Produce from the farm

We produce a variety of products at the farm.  We have fresh milk, that we turn into yoghurt and cheese, which our guests can buy. Fritz is a passionate distiller and is delighted to offer tastings of his liqueurs made from our orchard fruits.  We also sell farmer’s bread, a typical local cake called Reindling, ham and bacon, jams, juices and our own fresh organic chicken.



We have apple, pear and plum trees in the orchards and in our guest garden you can help yourself to strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, huckleberries and chokeberries all summer and autumn.


Within a 5 minute walk of the farm you will find a wide range of shops, cafes, restaurants, a farmer’s shop, a GP’s practice and a pharmacy.  There’s a large public swimming pool with indoor and outdoor pools and steam room, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a golf driving range and other sports facilities. 


Please go to for more details.

Our animals


As well as the Pinzgauer cattle in our lush meadows, our chickens peck happily around the stable yard.  You’ll spot our various cats, rabbits, ducks and guinea pigs all roaming freely around the farm.  We have five horses, Ares, Amigo, Jara, Jaro and Tinkerbell, who are always ready to go for a ride. We mustn’t forget our adorable cuddly Bernese mountain dogs Bella and Cookie - they love children and are always happy to play with them.



Taking care of all these animals - feeding, mucking out, helping them to give birth and moving them to their summer pastures - keeps us very busy and our guests were always very welcome to join in with the full farming experience.


Our cattle spend their summers at the mountain pastures at 1,400 -1,800 meters above sea level, where they graze the alpine grasses and herbs which keep them in tip top condition.  We are only too happy to take our guests up to the alps whenever we go to check up on the cattle and to take them grain and salt.



The river Möll-this is a real connoisseur’s river as it is a paradise for fly-fishing with grayling, brown and rainbow trout.  It’s worth coming here just for the fishing.



We also have the Pacher lake that is 15,000 sq meters offering pike, lake trout, char, zander, perch, sturgeon, starlet, mirror carp and tench.  We would be delighted to arrange a fishing trip for you.


Fischen, Fischerurlaub
Fischen, Fischerurlaub
Fischen, Fischerurlaub
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